Breaking free + my interview with Michelle Evans

I would love for you to have the love, life & career of your dreams!!!  And I know that you can achieve what your heart desires starting now, because we all have the ability to consciously create the life of our dreams.  However a big part of the journey to your full power, and greatest fulfillment in love, life and business is about breaking free…

But who or what are we breaking free from?  And how does one break free?

For starters you may need to break free from the expectations you were born into by your parents & society.  When I was growing up I was told that I could be whatever I put my mind to…but I was also told that there was no money in pursuing a career in dance.

What expectations were you born into in your family and culture?

You will definitely need to break through fears.  If you are on the road to fulfillment your fears are definitely going to show up along the way, because as you shine the light of your awareness on your goals, all of your doubts, insecurities and even past traumas will be revealed.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

I had a lot to break free from before founding the business of my dreams, and finding my true life’s purpose.  Dance is a powerful way to break free, and I explain how in the below interview.

In my interview with Michelle Evans, I share my journey from a traditional background, going to school for equine veterinarian training, to becoming a sociologist and then following my heart to West Africa for dance and finally I how my current biz Manifest Dance was born.

Click here to listen to the podcast The Power Of Dance to Create Your Dream Work and Life with Elisha MacMillan.


Michelle Evans has interviewed dozens of leading coaches and entrepreneurs in her series Breaking Free.  She’s made it my mission in life to help as many people as possible find and create income-producing opportunities they secretly dream about!