"Drum and Dance Medicine

can connect us to the Earth of our body, and the wisdom of our Ancestors.  In this liminal place of rhythm and movement new wells of possibility open...


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Elisha MacMillan, BA Hons, CPCC, is a Sociologist, Women's Coach, Film-maker and Dance Alchemist. The integral role of drum and dance in everyday life is one thing her ancestors from Jamaica, Scotland and Ivory Coast had in common. Elisha leads retreats locally and internationally, with a focus on self-discovery, healing, communing with nature and dropping into the deep wisdom of our animal bodies. She has worked with women in groups and 1-on-1 across Canada, USA, Europe, India and Australia over the past 11 years.

Before launching her coaching business, Elisha had a full-time career performing African dance alongside established artists from across the African continent. Over the course of 6 years, Elisha starred in award-winning performances touring nationally and internationally. Her experiences of studying dance in Guinea, Mali, Ethiopia and Brazil inform her current philosophy of Dance Medicine.