2016: Creating A Foundation for Manifestation (Video Workshop)

For so many people a new year represents a fresh slate, and a new beginning. And yet most fall into the same patterns as the previous year, letting resolutions dissolve while slipping into familiar rhythms.

Before we move into the hustle and bustle of holiday jolly, it’s important to pause.

When you take the time to reflect, discover and celebrate 2015 you create a fertile ground of manifestation for the coming year.

Rushing into the new year full of intentions, without bringing 2015 to a wholesome close, is like planting seeds by tossing them into the wind, rather than planting them in fertile earth. Some seeds may take root if you toss them in the wind, however your chances are much better if you sink them deep into compost-rich soil.

It’s important to sift through the past year and discover the gold. Acknowledge patterns/habits that are ready to be released so that you can leap forward. Celebrate your successes small and great! Honour who you have become and are becoming. Connect with your deepest desires and heart-felt dreams.

I’ve created an incredibly rich (free) 60 min online workshop to support you in creating the compost-rich soil for planting your seeds of intention for 2016. The possibilities for your life are far greater than you can ever imagine. The time for your big dreams to actualize is now (the world needs you now more than ever). Enjoy!

You will need a journal and a lit candle (if possible).


We had a wonderful ceremony yesterday, filled with sharing, vulnerability and celebration. Whether you were able to be there live, or are listening to the replay – I encourage you to revisit the questions we explored (listed below).

It’s the Gemini full moon today, supporting you to pierce through illusions and fear, into love and your power to shape your reality. Perfect!

I’m feeling the contagious excitement from the women who immediately felt the call and jumped on board for my heart-felt, spirit-led coaching offer.

If you feel called to evolve beyond your entanglements,
stepping up to the next level of success, I’m here to help you.
(At a rate I havn’t offered since I was in coaching school!)

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra Re-Patterning

You will receive three 60min. private calls with me and customized daily rituals.

I have been guided to offer these calls for $300 (75% off of my regular coaching rates).  When you begin your by day asking, “How can I serve?” you never know what will happen!! 


May this workshop support you
with reaching the goals that seem unattainable,
but your heart knows are meant to be.

— • This offer is only valid until December 5 • —


Call 1: Acknowledgement

Before the call you’ll receive a worksheet so we can get a complete picture of what fears you’re aware of, as well as what dreams you’re reaching for.

During the ‘Acknowledgement’ call we’ll journey into your sacral chakra and uncover unconscious core beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck or at a plateau. We will take the time to acknowledge and honour those patterns, allowing them to be seen and heard. Then we’ll tap into your embodied wisdom to come up with a few customized daily rituals that will help you to continue to shift unconscious truths, and notice them as they arise.

At the end of the call I’ll share some exercises with you to create strength in the root chakra.  (You need a strong foundation to build your second floor on!)

Between calls:  notice dreams, practice customized daily rituals

Call 2: Unravel & Dream

Here’s where we unravel any last threads that have shown up between calls. For this leg of the journey I guide you once more into the truth & wisdom held in your body.  We keep the wholesome threads that have been cheering you on and weave in new truths that will completely support you to leap to the next level of success, love, inner peace, confidence, health…

During this call I will open to your angels & guides inviting their support for the healing and tectonic shift you’ll experience.  I will also relay any messages they have for you, and ask for a new ritual to help set the new patterns.

Between calls: dance, daily ritual

Call 3: Embodiment

Like the caterpillar who transforms into a butterfly there can be questions that arise in this new world.  Now that you’ve created a new relationship to money/love/success, you will feel different, and likely have some questions.  During this call we’ll address any questions that have come up and celebrate the changes in your reality (they will be obvious)!  We will also get clarity with what the next steps are towards your 2016 goals.